New role model for the HR function of the future

Successfull people management is only possible with a well-structured HR department. But in order to establish an effective and sustainable business model for the HR department, the HR function requires an advanced role and organizational model.

The reason: on the one hand, satisfaction with the external and internal HR function world-wide can be called moderate at best. The original and correct focus of David Ulrich’s “three-legged stool“ model on the role of strategic partner, change agent, employee champion or administrative expert with a general requirement of HR as a business partner is mirrored only in parts of the predominant pillar model. In addition, that model is often permeated by compromises regarding interfaces and responsibilities and performes a much too demanding balancing act between people and business perspective in ist central business partner function. In Europe this is accompanied by a still unnacceptably high administration ratio.

On the other hand, the digital transformation of society, business models and enterprises requires innovative solutions in the field of digital leadership, skills management, company culture, as well as accompanying transformation management. The traditional roles of business partners and competence or excellence centres are not geared to this disruptiv consulting and project focus – and the role of digital core capabilities with regard to technology, data and project management is still in its infancy.

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